A Unique Program designed for Trading Excellence


Learn2Earn – Curriculum for Trading


(Foundation + Advance + Professional)

* Foundation course starting on 18th Apr, 2020

Do you know more than 90% people lose money in share markets

while less than 10% Professional traders and investors make huge money

Wondering why so many people lose money? It is mainly because people invest money:

  1. Without understanding the business of Trading.
  2. Lack of emotional discipline.
  3. Lack of ability & skills to analyze.
  4. Lack of Knowledge & Proper plan.

Do you want to join the group of Professional Traders?

Do you want to learn how to make consistent profits in markets?

Do you want to learn how to develop a consistent profit making system?

If the answer to the above is YES. Then this curriculum is meant for you.

Foundation Course

  1. How to enhance your profits  &  limit losses
  2. How to read technical and identify trends in a simple way.
  3. How to pick up good stocks for investment
  4. How to Build your portfolio
  5. How to control emotions in trading
  6. How to inculcate winning habits in trading.
Trading Foundation Course

Advance Course

  1. In depth Technical Analysis & How to apply various tools.
  2. How to analyze fundamentals to pick a stock.
  3. How to take buying & selling decisions basing on technicals.
  4. How to build profitable trading strategies.
  5. How to master the balanced decision making process.
  6. How to trade in futures & options
  7. How to manage risk
  8. One full Month practical Live Trading support from experts*.

Professional Course

  1. How to trade with different systems (Day Trading & Swing Trading)
  2. How to build various option strategies?
  3. How to trade in other financial market segments such as Commodities & currencies.
  4. How to do Jobbing?
  5. How to develop a signal based automated trading system.

Our 4 top Unique Features

  1. Expertise advise in all the instruments of capital markets.
  2. Faculty with 20+ years’ experience in trading.
  3. *Complete practical oriented training – Practice on live markets with a support through Whatsapp.
  4. Strong research background with proven track record

Who Should Do This Course?

  1. Traders
  2. Investors
  3. Employees
  4. Members
  5. Sub Brokers & Franchisees of Members.
  6. Financial Consultants
  7. Independent Financial Advisors
  8. Business Owners
  9. MBA & BBA/CA/CS Students
  10. Home Makers who want to start part time business.

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