Wealth Tree Group Loans Division has dedicated and experienced team with good expertise in understanding the needs of customers. We provide our customers the fast and excellent service in providing the best loans by tailoring them to our customer’s needs.
Our experts bring you the best offers on different loan types from various Banks in India. We compare and choose the offers, best interest rates, features and benefits that suits your needs from various banks. We are one of the most reliable Loan providing Company in Hyderabad.

Loan for Land Purchase
Loans for repairing and extension of your home
Loan for building a home

These different types of home loans can be useful to you in buying a property or a home of your own.

Personal loans are meant to meet the personal needs of an individual. People can use this money for anything they want. They can but some expensive gadgets or can also keep this money for going on a holiday with family. The rate of interest of this type of loan although is comparatively higher but it still feels great to have the money in advance.

Vehicle loan or to be more specific car loans fulfills your dream of having a car or a bike. This loan is offered by almost all the banks in India. This loan is a secured loan hence if the installments are not paid on time the lender has the right to take back the vehicle. If you get the loan on time the installments should also be paid regularly.

A Business Loan is thus an unsecured loan at an interest rate, giving you access to credit that can be paid back over an agreed time along with the interest, without any security against it.

Loan against property (LAP) is also known as ‘Home Equity Loans’ and is basically a kind of loan against the security of one’s property. LAP is designed to meet the financial needs of a person who already owns a house, which is free from any encumbrance (i.e. it is not given as security for any purpose)