5 Investing lessons from Lord Ganesha

Ganesh Chaturthy…

One of the most enjoyed festivals in India is Ganesh Chaturthy… While I was performing pooja this morning, few thoughts pricked my mind… And I realized there were so many lessons that were hidden in a single small story…

I would like to share few of my many views which are relating to Investments




Ganesha has many names, one of his popular name is EkaDantaaya… Lord Ganesha has one unbroken tooth. It is said that this tooth is so strong that it can never be destroyed. And while another tooth is removed. This indicates that, we need to figure out the bad investment and remove it off from the portfolio. And the good investments can be continued and it will turn powerful.


We can create our own Ganesha

As lord Parvati has created her own son to safeguard the palace and not to let anyone enter. She had a specific goal in her mind and she created a structure to it. Even we investors can create our own personalized financial planning to achieve our own personal financial goals. Always remember when we have end in mind journey becomes clear and comfortable.


Shiva killed his own son

If the results aren’t performing immediately, generally people may tend to take impulsive decisions and may remove the best funds from their portfolio. Even the peaceful Shiva has taken a fight with his own son and lost the best one. Talk to your investment advisor before taking any such decisions 😉


Life retrievals:

Lord Ganesha got his life back with the help of Lord Shiva. The family could make good their losses. But unfortunately, in our life we don’t have the power to retrieve our lives and save our family from unfortunate and untimely loss. While the emotional losses cannot be made good but, we can make good the financial loss of the family by taking term policy of a sufficient cover at the earliest.


Mouse: Even tiny things can carry big results

Mouse is said to be the Ganesha’s vehicle. When I imagine ganesha traveling on mouse, I always used to get confused. Like, How??

But then it suddenly struck me, when 5000 pm for 20 yrs SIP can give us heavy amount of about a crore. Then why can’t the tiny mouse carry Lord Ganesha.

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To sum up proper planning and small actions can bring the prosperity in lives of every person and always remember God comes up in the form of people in life. So to remove the financial hurdles in your life contact your lord Ganesha (your family’s trusted financial advisor) to carve out a financial road map for your family.